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About us

GOOD MASK was born on April 27, 2020 in response to the concern of its founder, Martin Ladyr, regarding the lack of masks and personal protective equipment in Europe during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dependence on imports (of highly questionable quality) and a series of scandals involving faulty material received by medical personnel from across Europe, encouraged Martin to find alternative national materials that could reduce the cost of producing high-quality FFP2 masks and make them affordable for all citizens.

“I returned to Prague on March 9 from the United States, basically from the (still) normal world directly to the center of the pandemic. I was in deep shock because I couldn't buy any protective gear. My first KN95 mask, I could get it after 2 weeks of waiting and at an exorbitant price of 11 euros. So I started looking for ways to reduce the price to a level acceptable to all families, and GOOD MASK was born."
Martin Ladyr

Martin worked together with the Technical University of Liberec to develop and test a Meltblown-type filtration material, which offers high filtration capacity, similar to nanofibers, but allows a much higher production and lower costs, which results in GOOD MASK offering high quality respirators at an affordable price for everyone.

GOOD MASK currently employs 120 employees in production and 30 employees and collaborators in other departments, achieving a production capacity of 250 000 COVID-19 masks and 250 000 surgical masks daily.