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Disinfectant spray - Septoderm 250 ml

Disinfectant spray - Septoderm 250 ml

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Product description

Liquid alcohol disinfectant based on the combined effect of alcohols and KAS, intended for disinfection of the skin by spraying. Suitable for disinfecting the skin before injections and small procedures that violate the integrity of the skin (injections, blood draws, biopsies by inserting cannulas, before removing stitches, etc.)

  • Immediate use
  • Easy application by spraying
  • Wide spectrum efficiency
  • Excellent skin compatibility + dermatologically tested


Bactericidal, fully virucidal, mycobactericidal, tuberculocidal, fungicidal.


Instructions for Use
Septoderm® spray is used undiluted. It is applied to dry skin by spraying or with a tampon soaked in the product. Observe the exposure time before the procedure or let the product dry thoroughly on the skin. Do not use thermoelectric devices until the product is completely dry. Do not apply near eyes and mucous membranes, in wounds and on damaged skin.


100 g septoderm® spray contains the following active substances:

  • 45g ethanol
  • 30g 2-propanol
  • 5g didecyldimethylammonium chloride


Special notice
Designed for the professional market. Do not use thermoelectric devices until the product is completely dry. Do not use on open wounds, mucous membranes, eyes and their immediate surroundings. Protect from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other sources of ignition. No smoking. Store in closed containers away from sources of radiant heat, fire, beverages and animal feed, food and sunlight.

Product type: Biocidal product

  • Packaging: 250ml
  • Appearance: colourless liquid
  • Product type: biocidal product
  • Manufacturer: Schulke


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