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Surgical Masks

Surgical mask for boys (10 pcs)

Surgical masks for boys, box of 10 units

Producer: GOOD MASK

Product code: P1554

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Product description

The same design as our OM1 surgical mask, adapted to the little ones.

Our OM2 Kids surgical mask is a Class I sanitary device and provides an effective barrier against the risk of transmission of respiratory infections. With a high bacterial filtration efficiency, an electrostatic meltblown filter and inner and outer layers in nonwoven fabric, it is easy to put on, comfortable and breathable.

For a good fit, it has a flexible nose clip in addition to very elastic bands of an optimal length for children from 4 to 12 years old.

Surgical masks are designed to prevent the transmission of infectious agents by the wearer that may be present in the mouth, nose or throat. Although surgical masks do not provide a level of personal protection like FFP2 respirators, they are very useful in limiting the spread of respiratory infectious diseases.

Product manufactured entirely in Europe and certified according to European regulations. Manufactured from Czech materials under strict quality control in our production line in the Czech Republic.

Technical data

  • 3-layer protection system
  • Easy to wear, comfortable and breathable
  • High filtration efficiency
  • Nose clip to fit the nose
  • Kid's size
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Not Reusable. Dispose of properly after use.
  • Maximum use time: 4 hours

Available colours: WHITE, BLUE, GREEN. We deliver according to availability, at the moment it is not possible to select a specific colour.

This mask mainly protects your environment.

For reasons of hygiene and health protection, it is not possible to return the merchandise within 14 days.


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