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Travel set STOP COVID-19

Travel set STOP COVID-19

Producer: GOOD MASK

Product code: P1578

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Product description

The travel set consists exclusively of quality products made in the EU, mainly in the Czech Republic and contains a certified FFP2 respirator, 5 surgical masks, hand cleansing gel, antibacterial wipes and one pair of nitrile gloves.

The travel set contains the following products:

The respirator provides above-standard protection against viruses, bacteria, dust and droplets thanks to two filter layers. The extended nasal reinforcement reliably seals and enables all-day wearing comfort. The ultra-thin moisture-wicking material does not get wet and it is highly breathable.

Antibacterial wipes with the addition of antibacterial liquid effectively cleanse and refresh the hands and body. They leave a delicate fresh scent and restore a feeling of comfort.

The disposable surgical mask is a three-layer protective face mask with a microbacterial filter made of nonwoven fabric. It has a nasal shaping clip for better fit and highly elastic laces for better fastening. Certified medical mask.

Hand cleansing gel with antibacterial effect and silk scent is suitable for cleaning and protecting hands whenever it is not possible to use water and soap (when traveling, in public transport, shopping). The hands are clean after use and have a pleasant smell. The product contains 62% alcohol, which guarantees a high disinfection efficiency.

These are non-sterile disposable gloves that are used for protection and examination. No powder is added to the gloves. These gloves are not suitable for contact with very hot and sharp objects. Gloves have increased resistance to chemical risks. They are made of 100% synthetic nitrile and are very comfortable to wear. The gloves do not contain natural latex or fine powder, which can cause an allergic reaction in some individuals. After using gloves, clean hands with disinfectant or wash hands with soap and water.



Attachments to download:

Certificate: GM2 FFP2 NR Respirator

Declaration of conformity

Certification COVID-19, AITEX

Declaration of conformity

Certificate of the Research Institute of Occupational Safety - Respirator GOOD MASK GM2 - FFP2

Declaration of conformity

Colour Swatch and customization


Other documents

Garment care

Specification Description

Respirátory FFP2

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