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Hygiene and Care

Wellion infrared thermometer

Producer: Wellion

Product code: P1570

Availability: Stock

39.00 €

Product description

To measure the temperature of the human body in the ear canal and on the forehead

Thermometer with a flexible tip, especially suitable for children. The measuring range of the thermometer is from 32.0 °C to 42.9 °C, measuring speed up to 10 seconds. The measurement accuracy is 0.1 °C in the range from 35.5 °C to 39.0 °C, otherwise 0.2 °C. The thermometer saves the last measurement. If the measured temperature is higher than 37.8 °C, the thermometer signals 30 short beeps. If the temperature is lower than 37.8 °C, the thermometer signals 10 long beeps.

The thermometer switches off automatically. It uses LR41 or GP192 batteries, the thermometer signals low batteries. The thermometer is waterproof.


Device characteristics

  • Non-contact infrared measurement of human temperature on the forehead or earlobe
  • The device offers 9 sets of measured data
  • The switch allows you to display measured values in both Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius.
  • Immediate availability of the measurement result - up to 10 seconds
  • The design of the product is user-friendly and economical
  • Sound: the device beeps can be turned off.
  • The device switches off automatically 30 seconds after switching on.
  • The device uses 2 pieces of 1.5 V alkaline AAA batteries as a power source


White: colour

Dimensions: 31x175x72 mm

Weight: Approx. 77 g (without batteries)

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