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FFP2 Respirators

Respirator and mask extension strap

Mask adjustment buckles - 5 different colours

Producer: GOOD MASK

Product code: P1652

Availability: Stock

3.00 € 2.55 €

Product description

Pack with five pieces, at least 3 different colours.

No more fitting problems for your FFP2 respirators. Whether the elastic bands of the respirator are too short or too long, with this adjustment buckle your problem will be solved.

This convenient buckle lengthens or shortens the elastic bands of your respirator or surgical mask as needed. Simply place the elastic bands behind your head, fix the mask in the correct position and check the fit.

This buckle will help you achieve a better seal of the respirator, avoiding gaps between the mask and the face, and preventing friction and pain on the back of your ears.

Pack of 5 units (at least 3 assorted colors).

Garment care

Specification Description

Respirátory FFP2

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