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Alliance between InoCure and GOOD MASK

Launch of the European Center for the Development and Production of FFP Masks

InoCure and GOOD MASK join forces to start up the 5 production lines of Respiratory Protection Masks donated by Taiwan to the Czech Republic

The gift from Taiwan promotes the launch of the European Center for the Development and Production of FFP Masks, an alliance of two powerful companies with the aim of promoting the development and research of new nanomaterials and technological processes that will be key in optimizing production of the much needed PPE. The development of advanced (nano) materials will be carried out by the Czech biotechnology company InoCure, which is one of the European leaders in its field, while know-how at the production level is guaranteed by the GOOD MASK company, which it has a current production capacity of 250,000 FFP per day and is one of the largest manufacturers in the Czech Republic.

Prague, January 8, 2021

President of the Czech Senate Vystrčil visited Taiwan in late August with a delegation of 89 people despite China's disagreement. During his speech before the Legislative Chamber of Taiwan, he highlighted the choice of both peoples to choose to live in democratic and free societies, concluding with a symbolic "I am Taiwanese" in Mandarin, which drew an ovation from all present.

As a token of appreciation for Vystrčil's strong support to Taiwan, Autoland announced the donation of 5 automated lines for the production of respiratory protective masks, to help the European country in the fight against COVID-19. InoCure representatives accompanied the President of the Czech Senate Miloš Vystrčil on his trip to Taiwan and negotiated all cooperation with the donor. Last December, his engineers completed training to operate the production lines directly in Taiwan and became certified partners.

InoCure expert Miroslav Doupník at a Autoland Technology expert. CNA photo Dec. 20, 2020

InoCure Expert, Miroslav Doupník, at Autoland Technology expert. CNA Photo Dec. 20, 2020


“We are already working on the development of the Czech FFP3 nano respirator, extremely thin and breathable nano surgical masks and other technological innovations. Under the joint agreement, part of the operational capacity of the production lines will also be used for further development, for scientific and educational purposes. We believe that the R&D cooperation, the production experience and the high quality of the new production lines will lead to an improvement in the supply of respiratory protection masks on the Czech and European markets. Czech companies can become an important part of European production in this field and, thanks to their technological strength, export to other countries around the world. We are proud to be part of this initiative ”, concludes Radovan Vacek, majority owner and managing director of InoCure.

Professor Josef Šedlbauer from the Technical University of Liberec, who has been at the forefront of activities aimed at the production of filters and respiratory protection devices since the first days of the pandemic, comments: “The spring crisis in the supply of Personal protective equipment has shown that, in the interests of our safety, we must be able to supply ourselves with strategically important materials and products. I am pleased that there are companies in the country capable of cooperating and becoming a major producer and innovation center on a pan-European scale. We have been cooperating with GOOD MASK for a long time and we are pleased to expand this cooperation with other entities ”.

GOOD MASK was established in spring 2020 in response to the lack of quality protective equipment at affordable prices, starting the production of exclusively Czech production FFP masks. Since then, it has invested tens of millions of CZK in developing production and constantly improving the quality of its products. Shortly after its establishment, the company received an abbreviated certificate from the Occupational Safety Research Institute certifying the conformity of a selection of parameters of the EN 149 standard key to protection against COVID-19 for FFP2 masks. It has also received a European certification for FFP masks specifically against COVID-19 and expects to receive full certification shortly for the newly developed nano-respirator, which has passed all key tests in accordance with the relevant standards at the Occupational Safety Research Institute. This product is the first visible fruit of the cooperation with InoCure. GOOD MASK masks are supplied to many national and European health centers, humanitarian organizations, government institutions and companies, in addition to being strongly represented in retail chains such as Lidl, Tesco, Norma, gas station networks or the online supermarkets Rohlí and Košík .cz. The company is finalizing preparations for its entry into other European markets, including Slovakia, Spain, France, Germany, Austria and Poland, expanding its commitment to offering quality products that are affordable for all.

A face mask production line at a Autoland Technology factory in Taiwan. CNA photo Dec. 20, 2020

Mask production line at Autoland Technology factory in Taiwan. CNA Photo Dec. 20, 2020


Company owner and director Martin Ladyr states: “By acquiring this additional production capacity in cooperation with the European Center for the Development and Production of FFP Masks, our production capacity will increase to the level of 500,000 FFP masks per day, which makes us not only the largest incomparable producer in the Czech Republic, but also a very important player throughout the EU. With this amount, we can achieve high cost savings, which will significantly lower the final price of our masks. We won't even have to worry about direct price confrontations with Chinese imports. I believe that with this capacity, together with other serious national producers, we will also be direct partners of the state administration ”.

Dušan Zvěřina, CEO and owner of the Obrokov company, which focuses on the production of strategic filters from meltblown material, and in the development of which he collaborated with the Technical University of Liberec, adds: “It is fantastic that there are so many individuals from action and companies in our country responding to current challenges. We are not only achieving national self-sufficiency in the production of protective equipment, but we are also well positioned for export. It is much better when we are able to export value-added products than when we export the filter material itself for production. Although we are all new to this field, we are managing to work together very quickly to catch up with the years that mostly Chinese companies have ahead of us. We are continuously managing to increase filtration efficiency, while improving the breathability of the material, although these parameters often work against each other. Until now, we have supplied GOOD MASK company with all the filter material and it is not a problem to cover a greater demand ”.

Both representatives of the cooperating entities and donors in Taiwan share the same values ​​regarding non-profit actions. For example, they have allocated hundreds of thousands of FFP masks to various Czech organizations, as well as funded other projects based on the technology and trade association of the Czech-Taiwanese cooperation.



InoCure is a technology-oriented company. The company was established primarily by researchers (Matej Buzgo, Jiri Pasta, Andrea Staffa) and engineers (Miroslav Doupnik and Martin Doupnik) combined with Radovan Vacek's business skills as CEO. Its mission is to develop advanced nanotechnology solutions for everyday use in the healthcare industry. Its objective is not only to develop solutions, but to provide the client with a complete technology that goes from the definition of chemical processes to the construction of production equipment. His activities in the life sciences sector go all the way to the end product, including marketing and sales / end customer support. The company's strengths include proprietary high-throughput electrodes for the production of nanoparticles and nanofibers. More information can be found on the company's website:


GOOD MASK was established in April 2020 due to a worrying lack of personal protective equipment. Its main promoter is the entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist Martin Ladyr, for whom the first motivation was the urgent need to provide effective protection to the most vulnerable groups, especially diabetics, for whom he has been publishing the specialized magazine DIAstyl for 15 years. The company has invested considerable funds in the order of tens of millions of CZK in production lines and in the development of quality protective equipment and its certification. Meltblow filter material, which was developed in cooperation with the Technical University of Liberec, along with other key materials, are exclusively purchased from Czech manufacturers. It is currently one of the largest producers of surgical masks and FFPs in the Czech Republic. GOOD MASK products are represented on the shelves of various retail chains, not only in the Czech Republic but also in other countries of the European Union. You can find more information on the company's website:


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